The Goose Whisperer

Please note the baby goose and the proud parents…a pair of white geese in the first photo.

I took this picture about two weeks ago, and I would see the baby whenever I took my walk.

Well this morning as I saw the parents in the lake, there was no baby. This was sad and I assumed some “critter” had gotten the baby.

Later as I was walking past the front entry gate to our property, there was the caretaker’s cat crossing the street; and in her mouth was a little baby duck. When Ginger (One of the caretaker's dogs) went up to the cat, the cat dropped her prize and I went over and picked up the little goose, assuming it was not alive.

Well guess what…

Kristin Malfer and Associates

I left my dogs with the caretaker and went back to the lake, carrying the prize. When the baby goose saw the water, it started crying very quietly. As I got closer to the water the baby started making louder noises.

The parents, who were swimming away from me, suddenly turned around after hearing their baby squawk. The mother was yelling loudly and flapping her wings, trying to scare me away. I gently put the baby in the water and the parents and the baby were reunited. They were screaming at the top of their lungs…I am assuming for joy at being reunited.

Story and photos courtesy of "The Goose Whisper"
A Rockwood Falls Resident